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Hi there! If you are here, you must love story-telling as much as I do. Little Creek was created in July 2021 as a space where anyone could come and appreciate the art of story-telling and all the forms it comes in.


About the Author: Ha My Le

I am a fourth-year student at UCLA majoring in English and minoring in Community Engagement & Social Change and Professional Writing. I immigrated to the United States at the age of six and my first goal was to learn English. I spent most of her childhood wandering for hours in a public library where I discovered my love of reading and writing. I created Little Creek as a space for my to share my interest in storytelling and the different media platforms that it can be found in.

When I am is not busy struggling over academia or work, I can be found on my bed reading a fantasy YA book, reading a romance webtoon and manga, or watching an action-packed anime. 

When I am not doing one of those options (which is rare), I can be found playing video games, such as Stardew Valley, League of Legends, Minecraft, or Overcooked. Or pretending to write my own novel, where I spend more time picking the character name than the plot.


About the Blog: Little Creek

You might be wondering why the name Little Creek? Well the answer is very simple. When I was born, my parents struggled to give me a fitting name. They decided to name me Ha My, (HA-Me). The Ha meant a small creek or stream, while the My meant pretty. Together they would combine to become Little Creek. This blog is where I can share my interest in story-telling with the world and hopefully create a space where all those who wander can rest. You can expect to find book reviews, webtoon/anime recommendations, and literature discussions.



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